Thursday, October 21, 2010

Designer's Fabric

Yeah, yeah...its been a long time...:)

but I'm here at last. No latest product. I've been unproductive lately. I'm sorry.
I've been surfing for designer's fabric for the past 2 weeks. And I found that Michael Miller's design always catch my eye. I love the pattern and the abstract ahaaa and also the child type of the design. Always make me dream of the fabric ahahhaha And another designer is Amy Butler. Do check their fabrics!
Pics from

so, here I list a few blogger that sell designer fabrics for you:)


lia said...

hi ila, lama menyepi...ada projek mega ke?he2..cantik2nya designer fabrics ni ye...akulah tak terbeli lagi..asyik termimpi2 je..huhu

Ila said...

Hi lia,

xdenyer project mega heheheh
bz sangat kat sekolah, budak2 dah nak spm...
x sempat nak create something creative :)

Suka crochet ko!!