Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steps to Follow Before You Start a Craft Business


Bosan ye sekarang ni...:)..[saya bz marking my beloved student exam paper hehhehe]
blog ni pun dah lama tak ber'update'...

so, I surf and find a good article in at first, just do what I like to do, which is blog hopping and found a good article in selling crafts....:)

share ye, kawan-kawan....

1-Why do you want to sell crafts? love the satisfaction
2-Experience in doing it --> the crafts x banyak experience lagi
3-Learn the method and practice in progress of learning
4-Type of business you want to do I think mine will be sole proprietorship
5-Who is your customer? need to focus on this...I think the online -shopping mom..:)
6-Focus Ok!
7-Know your competitors mmm....I think there are always a space to share, as long as we maintain the originality....
8-Find list of vendors have the list already....but need to jot down
9-Have your own workspace adalah workspace corner
10-Have a business plan not this out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Felt Hair Clips


Comel tak these hair clips? :)
Decided to give it as present to friends as a treat...yeah, this is my first group of felt hair clips....
hope that, for next production, I'm able to sell this product. Enjoy doing it and the product turns out so cute :)

Recent Activity


mmm...this are my recently activity...
tak banyak coz a bit busy lately at my work place.

So, introducing mr and Mrs Moo, Adam kata "mana baby iyer?" :D
and Mr Frog...a bit simple, need to do some improvise...:)

While this one is my try and error hair clip, comel gak dalam gambar nih...[masuk bakul angkat lah sendiri,Ila...:)
Thinking of selling this and more to friends who has cute adorable girls...Untuk anak orang pun xpe...hehehhe....

Saturday, May 8, 2010



Nak update lagi...yesterday, I've received parcel from craftdhearty....
seronok gilerrr....colourful and seronok! :)

Saya juga dapat a pack of hair clips...dah ada idea nak wat apa....
leh bagi beautiful girls...siapakah yang bertuah???

tqvm Craftdhearty....
lenkali leh saya shopping lagi..:)

Mr MOoooOOooo

Yeah!!! sesuai ngan title entry nih...
Comel tak? Comel tak?????
Cakap comel yer rakan-rakan...penat saya jahit last thursday..:)

this is Mr Moo Fridge Magnet...Saya buat sbb nak realisasikan idea saya macam dlm entry ini.
layan yer...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green Felt Key-chain


I'm happy!!! yeah, that's the exact word that I should use:D
Not as neat as the pro-crafter...but I am satisfied.
Presenting my 1st ever felt key-chain:)

still with Mr OngGedek :)
D1 stands for my Homeroom's name which is Delima 1