Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's happening?


So much to share, but still have to save the best for last, ahaks:)

First of all, received my 2 in 1 pliers. Memang tak sabar tunggu ni...I admit, kind of JAKUN sket heheheh...Tq so much Ina from Sus n d Felt Product.

Impatiently, sampai je di rumah, terus-terus saya try! Wahhh...So happy...hehehehNampak cam beli kat kedai je felt craft saya...[masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak :P]

Nampak x kat mane saya guna eye-let tu? look at round ring, at the ribbon.

Secondly, saya dah berusaha sedaya upaya menyiapkan felt craft for jeng jeng jeng....Rahsia lah...
Coz, seems like saya tak sempat menyiapkannya. But the best part is, saya ada back-up plan [macam cerita hollywood lak hekhekhek] I'll update bout it later,yeh.

And thirdly, saya berjaya menyiapkan my first felt pencil case. Give a clap to me...clap clap clap...:) [excited terlebih, coz orang baru,kan...] Saya cadang nak bagi kat someone special menggantikan boxy pouch yang saya dah siapkan untuknya. Coz it will be matching with the stuffs that I want to give her :)

After this, nak balik Muar...till then yea.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


i'm planning to produce cute craft for a dedication. Tapi still merancang....
harap-harap there's a good idea for me or at least a good suggestion...:)

nanti saya up-date lagi,ye...take care...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

2nd Batch Hair Clips For Sale


July stock :
variety Hair Clips for sale...

Type 1 : Crocodile Clip
Fabric : Felt
Price : RM6
[postage is not included]

J7-1 Black n White - sold

J7-2 Blue n Choco - sold

J7-3 Sweet Yellow - sold

Type 2 : Snap Clip

Fabric : Felt
Price : RM6
[postage is not included]

J7-A Green Lolipop - Yaya

J7-B Blue Lolipop - Ayla

J7-C Pink-Purple Flower

J7-D Baby Pink - sold

J7-E Orange Flower - sold

J7-F Pink - sold

J7-G Yellow - sold

J7-H Red - sold

J7-I Green

Happy Shopping

email me at

Small Pack Novelty Buttons for Sale


As I promised, here are some pack of Novelty buttons for sale.

10 different pattern with variety of colours
RM3.50 per pack
email me at

Pack A

Pack B

Pack C

Pack D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Promo : July_Hair Clips & Buttons for sale

Salam, dah lama menyepi, lama betul nak menyiapkan second batch nih...what a hectic life:) will give the details after uploading the pic...tunggu..:)

mmm...saya juga berniat nak share my excess buttons with friends who need these buttons in a small quantity. Each pack have 10 different buttons with variety of colours... will update about it later ya...please do gives some respond:) [kalau ada yg berminat]

No Picture captured :)


Happy Birthday to Aleeya Maisara Muzaizi...sweet girl of my dear friend Faizah:)
Yeah this is really short of time work...but its totally handmade:) with love hahhahaha

Sayangnya, Ibu tak sempat nak capture the sign-age lah...may be next time yek...

Anyway, had a great party at Mc Donald Ayer Keroh...:)