Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Felt Coin Purse

Ini merupakan tempahan dari sahabat saya; Kak Anne. Tq Kak Anne:) She requested for 10 different colours felt coin purses. Ini lah hasilnya. Nampaknya ini ada lah rezeki penghujung 2010. Alhamdulillah:)

In progress... Siap ada my son punya buku and legos lagi...Apa nak buat:)

the pink and the sweet. Suka colour lembut ni

the 10 purses


Selamat tinggal 2010 yang rasanya amat mencabar buat CR sekeluarga. Semuanya akan menjadi pengajaran dan teladan pada CR. Dalam kepahitan CR takkan tidakkan kemanisan yang ada. Syukur alhamdulillah...
Pic from

Selamat datang 2011. Pastinya akan banyak lagi yang dapat dipelajari. Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan Allah dan akan CR harungi dengan gembira. Tahun ni aim utama, nak cari duit banyak-banyak untuk bekalan masa depan. Selain daripada tu, nak tambah apa yang patut... semoga Allah mempermudahkan :)

SELAMAT MENYAMBUT TAHUN 2011, bring it on!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hope you like it

Hye dear Cut&Sew...

Based on this entry, Alhamdulillah I manage to finish some craft for this project. Hope that wonderful children who get my craft will love them, InsyaAllah...

Really hope that Kak Ayu from Pondok Craft get the pack within the due-date:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010



I'll be away for a vacation...Will be here again with new updates InsyaAllah...:)

Take care:)

Felt Coin Purse


pagi-pagi dah buat entry baru,ye.

For today's craft I have made 2 double layered felt coin purse.
The first one is pink vs black coin purse...I've put a simple polka-dotted ribbon and double buttons as embelishment. While the second one I use green and yellow felt with contra ribbon and flower crochet as the embelishment... I I'm happy:)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pants vs old T-shirt


haa..nilah kerja org yang x cukup kerja hehhehe... Actually, bercuti ni kadang-kadang bosan juga ye? Asyik buat mende yang sama je...kemas, kemas makan masak etc... Sebab tu Allah x jadikan CikguRozila (CR) surirumah agaknya.

Bukan itu yang CR nak cerita. Disebabkan sentiasa ada masa extra [buat masa ni] CR pun gatal tangan mengerjakan T-shirt lama, T-shirt free hehehhe

haa, nilah lambangnya? Ada sape2 yang kenal? kalau sape2 kenal, T-shirt ni x best...
see through.. panas-panas ni, tak kuasa nak berinner bagai...

lalu setelah CR kerjakan, romponglah ia seperti ini. Kesian ko T-shirt:P

selepas, disambung dan ditokok tambah dengan polka dot fabric lalu, ting!!
jadilah seperti ini:

jadilah short untuk anak CR...

Ni pula, update selepas dipakai oleh Adam... Abaikan kulit dia yang ranggup tu ye.. heheheh

so,kalau ada t-shirt2 yang nak buang tu, korang trylah buat sluar macam ni. Kalau berimaginasi sikit, leh buat skirt too for your little daughter:) Korang ikut tutorial dari Rookiemoms ni ye

till then:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pencil Case! SIAP!


One of my Tuesday activity is sewing pencil case. I try to sew it as simple as I could. Thanks to NeezaNeedles for an easy tutorial:)

Is it suitable for a students?? Hope so:)

But I only manage to sew 2. Insyaallah would love to produce this type of pencil case more.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hye again,

I'm crazy bout gathered product! this time I made a coin purse from FQ I bought from MyCraztArtZone:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tutorial: Gathered Netbook Sleeve

Hye, this is the simple tutorial that i've promised to all.
Thank you for Anna and Whipup for the gorgeous idea that u've shared:)

Materials Needed:

1/2 yard of each fabric (off course you'll have scrap leftover)
10" velcro tape
Fusible wadding (pellon or batting)
Iron-on Interfacing

Cutting the pieces:
#1 - Cut 2 pieces of different fabric :
one 18" x 10" for main exterior [for gathered front side]
one 13.5" x 10" for main interior lining

#2 - Cut 2 pieces of different fabric:
two 13.5" x 10" for exterior and interior lining [back side]

#3 - Cut 2 pieces of different fabric:
two 13.5" x 6" for exterior and interior lining [cover]

front band - cut one piece 13.5" x 5"

velcro tape - I use 10"

Front band

Gathered front

Pre-Attaching Steps
  • Iron the interfacing to all lining pieces
  • It is very helpful if tou have iron on batting coz you may simply iron the batting to all the exterior fabric:) except the gathered one.

Please do this step before attaching the pieces together. Main reason I use this pic is because I don't capture the 'in the making' one:)

  • Stitch the exterior cover piece with the main exterior together [gathered piece]. Do the same to the lining pieces.
  • Stitch all the exterior pieces together. Do the same for the lining pieces.
  • Assemble the exterior piece and the lining piece. [right side facing each other - right side in] left a 3" hole to turn the netbook sleeve right side out.
  • Press with iron for a neet look specially at the corner and edge
[So sorry, I am very eager to finish the sleeves that's why I forgot to capture those pictures. Hope you can understand this part correctly]

Voila! Now your gathered netbook sleeve is ready to be used:)
Happy trying, if you have any question, do email me at

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My 1st Netbook Sleeve


At last I came up with a new product. Manage to sew this netbook sleeve today...
I'm so happy and planning to do a simple tutorial on this product.
I think it would be better said as gathered of a few tutorials [will mention the website too, of course:)] and I've summarize it into my product with my new picture...

Will update soon.

What I love bout this sleeve is the touch of aqua polka dotted fabric on the gathered dandy damask fabric...It's an innovation hehehe... Tq Anna from Noodlehead [gathered cluth tutorial]
Love the effect of fabric gathering:) [macam puji diri sendiri lah pulak, tak sebenarnya.... saya suka sebab tak pernah buat:)]

okies, till then:)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

PONDOK CRAFT Charity Project

Hye dear Cut&Sew...

I think this is my first project during this holiday... Today I go for blog walking, as usual.... then I see this title PONDOK CRAFT Charity Project : Back to School. Wow!

So friends, come and let join the charity work... The goods/crafts you have gave will be distributed to Rumah Anak Yatim. Lets make them happy with those gifts...InsyaAllah, you'll be happy too...

I'm planning of sewing a simple yet sweet felt coin purse. I manage to cut 2felt today, but those purses didn't complete yet...I hope they'll happy to have it.

Oh ya, the dateline is 20th December 2010...don't be too late to join it!

Check the link for more infos ya...take care and daa...