Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sept - Hair clips for Eid Fitri


Sempena Hari Raya yang bakal tiba, belikanlah hair clip yang comel-comel from Cut&Sew :) I am very sure that your love one will look extra cute on this happy day...HAPPY SHOPPING!

Hair Clips for Eid Fitri
Type : Crocodile clip
[re-order until 5th September 2010]

RM 5 / pair

9A01 - black & red
9A02 - pink & white
9A03 - black & pink
9A04 - blue & white

RM6 / pair

9B01 - purple & white
9B02 - blue & white
9B03 - green & white
9B04 - black & red
9B05 - pink & white
9B06 - purple & white

RM5 / pair

9C01 - hello kitty choco pink
9C02 - orange & yellow
9C03 - pink & black
9C04 - pink & green

9C05 - yellow & green

Monday, August 30, 2010

IKEA Fabric by Eva Lundgreen


Ages! yes, Its been ages since I really write in this blog. I am so sorry. Cikgu Ila have tonnes of work to do; referring to marking Chemistry Trial Exam papers.
But still Cikgu Ila have to spend her time to sew her son's XXXXXXX. Coz she has such an adorable fabric from IKEA. Tak sabar nyer Cikgu Ila!!! Oh ya, In this entry 'Cikgu Ila' is me myself hehhehe.
Will update bout the product soon...ta daaaa

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Felt Craft workshop...:)

Workshop with Ranjer Puteri MRSMTGB

Was held on our weekly meeting.

Day/Date : Thursday/19 August 2010

Time : 3.15 - 4.45 pm

This is Huda, another Ranjer Puteri Teacher. Khusyuknya Huda siapkan key-chain dia..:)

Seems like there are more excess felt than the product...Aiyooo membazir ni anak-anak...

Happy to share with them..:)