Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kemaruk - Sewing Dress

Hye there,

Here again! and now the holiday's heat is on... The 1st Semester Break is here...yeeehaaa.

Back to what it suppose to be, this blog was create to share my 'kemaruk' or shall I say it as passion towards sewing and crafting. I know, I know... I am a crawling creature in updating my blog. I think the sloth is faster than me. Sorry...

So, to welcome this Holidays Mood I present to you my dear blog... my "kemarukness" in sewing girl's dress...[I miss my baby so much....]

I made it from my preloved Paul Smith t-shirt bought at Cameron Highlands last year. Just wear is 2 to 3 times only. [psst, the size is not match with me:P]
Actually, I like the colorful lines, it is unique to me.

FYI, I am referring to this blog... the tutorial is great and easy to follow.
Tadaa, the refashion dress is ready:) It is a simple dress actually but the thing I like the most is the roses I made from the left-over fabric. See... can you spot it? Yeah, both can be spotted easily if i use contrast fabric. May be next time. So, I decided to sew an extra embellishment; pinky star button!

I made two roses, but I prefer the second one. It looks unstressed hehehhe.

What do you think bout this dress? I think it is sweeeeet:)