Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tutorial: Gathered Netbook Sleeve

Hye, this is the simple tutorial that i've promised to all.
Thank you for Anna and Whipup for the gorgeous idea that u've shared:)

Materials Needed:

1/2 yard of each fabric (off course you'll have scrap leftover)
10" velcro tape
Fusible wadding (pellon or batting)
Iron-on Interfacing

Cutting the pieces:
#1 - Cut 2 pieces of different fabric :
one 18" x 10" for main exterior [for gathered front side]
one 13.5" x 10" for main interior lining

#2 - Cut 2 pieces of different fabric:
two 13.5" x 10" for exterior and interior lining [back side]

#3 - Cut 2 pieces of different fabric:
two 13.5" x 6" for exterior and interior lining [cover]

front band - cut one piece 13.5" x 5"

velcro tape - I use 10"

Front band

Gathered front

Pre-Attaching Steps
  • Iron the interfacing to all lining pieces
  • It is very helpful if tou have iron on batting coz you may simply iron the batting to all the exterior fabric:) except the gathered one.

Please do this step before attaching the pieces together. Main reason I use this pic is because I don't capture the 'in the making' one:)

  • Stitch the exterior cover piece with the main exterior together [gathered piece]. Do the same to the lining pieces.
  • Stitch all the exterior pieces together. Do the same for the lining pieces.
  • Assemble the exterior piece and the lining piece. [right side facing each other - right side in] left a 3" hole to turn the netbook sleeve right side out.
  • Press with iron for a neet look specially at the corner and edge
[So sorry, I am very eager to finish the sleeves that's why I forgot to capture those pictures. Hope you can understand this part correctly]

Voila! Now your gathered netbook sleeve is ready to be used:)
Happy trying, if you have any question, do email me at

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