Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steps to Follow Before You Start a Craft Business


Bosan ye sekarang ni...:)..[saya bz marking my beloved student exam paper hehhehe]
blog ni pun dah lama tak ber'update'...

so, I surf and find a good article in at first, just do what I like to do, which is blog hopping and found a good article in selling crafts....:)

share ye, kawan-kawan....

1-Why do you want to sell crafts? love the satisfaction
2-Experience in doing it --> the crafts x banyak experience lagi
3-Learn the method and practice in progress of learning
4-Type of business you want to do I think mine will be sole proprietorship
5-Who is your customer? need to focus on this...I think the online -shopping mom..:)
6-Focus Ok!
7-Know your competitors mmm....I think there are always a space to share, as long as we maintain the originality....
8-Find list of vendors have the list already....but need to jot down
9-Have your own workspace adalah workspace corner
10-Have a business plan not this out!

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