Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to make Simple Magnetic Craft for Teacher's Day

Salam and Hye...

Its been a while. Sorry but I hope this come back will be a good starts for Cut&Sew:)

Since the Teacher's Day is just around the corner and this year is my boy 1st year in school, I decided to introduce to him alternative way to please his teacher:)

Just a simple craft that you can produce with your child:)

You need:
from left to right:
  • different colours of glittered foam [it is very nice]
  • a pair of scissors to cut
  • ladybug shape paper
  • pine wooden stick
  • paint marker [preferred colour]
  • magnetic button
  • hot glue gun with the glue stick
Step 1 - Write the special wishes to the teacher on the pine wooden stick. You can shadowed the phrases using black ink pen.

Step 2 - Pinned the ladybug shape at the back of black glittered foam.
Cut it according to shape. Do the same for the red glittered foam.
Paste the red and black glittered foam together using hot glue.
Paste the ladybug shape glittered foam to pine wooden stick.

Step 3 - Paste magnetic button at the back of the pine wooden stick.
Make sure the button are stable enough to hold the craft.
Your end product is ready!
[size : 18 cm x 8 cm]

You can make variety of shapes with different wishes. Look how cute the ladybug on my Teaching Time Table:)


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Lyana@Mely said...

comel lah...anyway..hepi belated teacher's day...